Coast Car Washes - The Smarter Way to Clean Your Car
Experience the best car wash you've ever been to. Become a unlimited club member and start enjoying unlimited washes today! (262) 309-6279
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Coast in at either of our Waukesha or West Allis locations and enjoy black Friday deals this holiday season by getting three months of our best wash, our Platinum membership, for only $84.99! Or our Bronze membership for only $49.99! Get rid of that salt and grime just in time for the holidays or give it to someone else.



A great gift for this holiday season! Snow, rain or shine, coast in anytime. Learn more by emailing us at or give us a call at (262) 309-6279.



Join the unlimited club and enjoy unlimited washes!



The Coast Transport Dual Belt Conveyor catches and guides all four tires simultaneously, controlling each car and protecting your vehicle against damage caused by customer braking or parking.

The Coast Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor moves cars smoothly through the wash with no guide rails, reducing the risk of vehicle damage and equipment breakdown. The flush floor also makes maintenance and vehicle loading far simpler, saving tens of thousands in productivity annually.


Powerful 220v producers, cartridge filters, and tapered hoses ensure peak suction performance.

The modular self-serve vacuum system incorporates two hose options. The claw hose, which is ideal for larger surfaces and the wand hose, ideal for hard to reach areas. We also offer a unique hose that will blow out air to remove any debris from those unreachable areas in your vehicle. All three options are not only the most efficient way to clean your vehicle, but also provide for the best customer experience.


Our floor mat cleaners will clean even the toughest stains off of your floor mats.

This ground mounted cleaner is ETL certified for safe and hazard free operation and can completely clean and dry most plastic or fabric car wash mats in thirty seconds. All weather stainless steel construction includes a heating element for year-round operation in northern climates while a state-of-the-art cleaning system is able to purge oil, hair, sand, mud, and more from all standard floor mats in just seconds. Just insert the mat and let the cleaner do the rest!