Features - Coast Car Washes
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Our Full List of Features Include:

Rainbow Coat

This low pH foaming conditioner is vibrantly colored, cherry scented, biodegradable, and improves car cleaning and rinsing.


Tire Gloss

Our exclusive tire gloss formula offers unbeatable performance and fantastic results. This water-based polymeric silicone emulsion tire dressing leaves tires looking professionally polished with a long-lasting ‘wet’ effect.



Hot Wax and Shine provides a fantastic upper tier service to customers. This high-quality formula uses real carnauba wax which forms a protective barrier over the car’s surface.



Exclusive cationic silicone polymer technology bonds to all automobile surfaces to enhance the gloss of the vehicles finish. The synthetic polymer sealant aids drying and also enhances the shine of black plastic and trim commonly found on mirrors, cowlings, bumpers, lower rocker panels, door handles, and door molding. Mango scent and light foam signal.


UV Protect

UV Protect is applied directly to the vehicles surface immediately after cleaning. After a short curing time, the vehicle is dried, leaving behind a treated surface. UV Protect provides unbeatable surface protection and a great shine for up to 30 days.



FIRE Red Hot Lava is a powerful foam that creates a unique experience for customers. This intense color and thick foam promotes a deeper clean and maximizes protection and shine.


Underbody Flush

The car wash bumper applicator applies targeted cleaning to customer front and rear bumpers. Removes road tar, bug stains, and salt to protect customer vehicles and increase wash performance.

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